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Welcome to INAP's Dropzone API Wiki

INAP offers a Application Programming Interface (API) for server provisioning and orchestration. We created these APIs so that our customers could build applications that can interact and exchange data with the INAP's server management, ticketing and billing systems. You can use our API to create internal tools that can manage your account data, open support tickets, and manage your servers. If you represent a company that resells hosting services you can use our API to build a portal that your own customers can use to access and maintain their accounts.

The API consists of 8 modules that can be accessed.

  1. Billing
  2. Order
  3. Server
  4. Service
  5. Solution
  6. Support
  7. Tandem
  8. User

Instructions on how to access the Dropzone API can be found on the API Basics page.

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