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The server list command will return a list of all the servers that are associated with your account, those being dedicated, dynamic and virtual machines servers.



  • /server/list



Required Data Parameters

  • None

Optional Data Parameters

  • {$serverid}

For each dynamic server you are able to list all of the virtual machines that have been created on them by adding the {$serverid} to the path, /server/list/{$serverid}.

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => Array(
    [0] => stdClass Object(
      [status] => Server status (online,offline,provisioning).
      [serverid] => Server ID number.
      [os] => Currently installed operating system.
      [hostname] => Server host name, as in "".
      [ram] => Amount of RAM and type installed.
      [type] => Type of server (server,vmnode,vm).
      [cputype] => Type of CPU that is currently installed.
      [cpuspeed] => Speed of the installed CPU in GHz.
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