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The server list snapshots command returns a list of all the available operating systems that can be used for reinstalling a Dedicated Server or virtual machine or for creating a new virtual machine.



  • /server/listsnapshots



Required Data Parameters

  • None

Optional Data Parameters

  • None

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => Array(
    [0] => stdClass Object(
      [id] => The ID of the operting system, used for reinstalling or creating a new virtual machine.
      [name] => The name of the operating system.
      [arch] => The architecutre of the operating system, (i386,amd64).
      [os] => The type of operating system.
      [cpanel] => Does the operating system include cPanel, (TRUE/FALSE).
      [custom] => Is the operating system a custom snapshot, (TRUE/FALSE).
      [price] => The cost of the operating system in USD.
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