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The server view command will return basic server information along with it's current hardware configuration.



  • /server/view/{$serverid}



Required Data Parameters

  • {$serverid}: The server ID that is returned when using the list command.

Optional Data Parameters

  • None

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => Array(
    [serverid] => Server ID number.
    [type] => Type of server (server,vmnode,vm).
    [status] => Server status (online,offline,provisioning).
    [hostname] => Server host name, as in "".
    [password] => Root username password.
    [location] => Server rack and slot number.
    [datacenter] => Server datacenter (dupont,cimco).
    [primaryip] => Primary public IP Address.
    [privateip] => Private IP Address.
    [os] => Currently installed operating system.
    [osdetails] => stdClass Object(
      [id] => Currently installed operating system id.
      [name] => Currently installed operating system name.
      [arch] => Currently installed operating system architecture.
      [controlpanel] => Currently installed control panel (cpanel,plesk).
    [firewall] => TRUE/FALSE
    [privatenetwork] => TRUE/FALSE
    [network] => Current speed of the servers public uplink port (100Mbit,1Gbit).
    [hardware] => stdClass Object(
      [ramslots] => Number of RAM slots on the motherboard.
      [ram] => Amount of RAM in GB.
      [diskslots] => Number of hard drives the server can hold
      [disks] => An array of all the hard drives installed and their size (GB,TB).
      [cpuslots] => Number of CPU sockets on the motherboard.
      [cpucount] => Number of installed CPUs on the motherboard.
      [cputype] => Type of CPU that is currently installed.
      [cpuspeed] => Speed of the installed CPU in GHz.
      [disktotal] => Total hard drive space installed in GB.
    [bandwidth] => Maximum allowed outbound bandwidth in GB.
    [backup] => stdClass Object(
      [type] => Backup server type (r1soft).
      [user] => Backup server username.
      [host] => Backup server hostname.
      [pass] => Backup server password.
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