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The service servers command will return a list of all the servers that are sold by SingleHop.



  • /service/servers


Required Data Parameters

  • None

Optional Data Parameters

  • None

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => Array(
    [0] => stdClass Object(
      [orderformid] => ID used with the "Order Form Details" command.
      [servercode] => Internal server code.
      [servername] => Full name of the server.
      [servernameparts] => stdClass Object(
        [line] => The line the server belongs to.
        [name] => Full CPU details.
        [procOnly] => CPU Model.
        [cpuCores] => Number of CPU cores.
        [cpuSpeed] => CPU speed.
        [cpuUnit] => Unit of the "cpuSpeed"
      [cascade] => Is the server a "Dynamic Server" (TRUE,FALSE).
      [fullymanaged] => Is management included with the server (TRUE,FALSE).
      [instock] => Is the server in stock (TRUE,FALSE).
      [ram] => Full RAM details.
      [ramparts] => stdClass Object(
        [size] => Amount of ram installed.
        [unit] => RAM size unit for the installed RAM.
        [type] => Type of RAM installed.
      [hd] => Full hard drive details.
      [hdparts] => stdClass Object(
        [size] => Size of the hard drive included with the server.
        [unit] => Hard drive size unit for the installed hard drive.
        [type] => Type of hard drive installed.
      [bandwidth] => Total amount of bandwitdh included with the server.
      [bandwidthparts] => stdClass Object(
        [size] => Amount of bandiwdth.
        [unit] => Bandiwdth unit.
        [type] => Bandwidth
      [price] => Price paid by Tandem resellers.
      [retailprice] => Price the server is sold at by SingelHop.
      [setupfee] => Setup charged by SingleHop for the server.
      [discount] => 
      [override] => 
      [tandemonly] => If the server is only availble to Tandem resellers (TRUE,FALSE).
      [url] => The URL to buy the server from the SingleHop website.
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