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The solution order view command returns details about an order.



  • /solution/order/view/{$orderid}


Required Data Parameters

Optional Data Parameters

  • None

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => stdClass Object(
    [id] => The ID of the order
    [solutionid] => The ID of the solution
    [total] => The total cost of the order.
    [status] => The status of the order.
    [created] => The time order was created (unix timestamp).
    [objects] => Array(
      [0] => stdClass Object(
        [id] => 
        [status] => The status of the of the 
        [type] => The type of 
        [name] => 
        [details] => stdClass Object(
          [order] => stdClass Object(
            [id] => 
            [planid] => 
            [cloud_id] => 
            [os_id] => The ID of the operating system.
            [storage_backend] => The type of hard drive used.
            [hostname] => The hostname of the server being deployed.
            [cpus] => The number of CPUs.
            [disk] => The amount of storage.
            [memory] => The amount of RAM.
            [total] => The total cost of the server.
            [createdon] => The time the server was created (unix timestamp).
            [datacenter] => The datacenter the server was deployed in.
            [osname] => The name of the operating system used.
          [services] => An array of services that have been included with the order.
    [time] => 
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