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The support ticket types command will return a list of all of the valid fields that are used with the create function.



  • /support/tickettypes/$type


Required Data Parameters

  • None

Optional Data Parameters

  • {$type}: The specific department that you want to get the fields for, the department names can be retrieved by using the support departments command; the default is all.

Returned Data

stdClass Object(
  [success] => TRUE/FALSE
  [data] => stdClass Object(
    [DEPARTMENT_NAME] => stdClass Object(
      [type] => The department name.
      [description] => The description about the department.
      [fields] => Array( //Contains an array of all the required fields for each ticket department.
        [0] => stdClass Object(
          [name] => The name of the field.
          [type] => The type of field.
          [description] => The description of the field.
          [required] => Is the field reuquired.
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